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Six Sigma and Lean Techniques



"Six Sigma is not just a statistical measure It is also a powerful contributor to our success. We estimate that Six Sigma has saved $3.5 Billion since 1995."- Honeywell Annual Report, 2001.

Six Sigma is a data driven structured approach to attack defects in products and services to improve quality and customer satisfaction. Six Sigma uses customer-focused goals and measurements to drive continuous improvements at all levels of a company. The goal of Six Sigma is to develop a manufacturing process which is robust enough to ensure that the defective products are limited to a few parts per million. The Six Sigma technique focuses on process defects and quality.

Six Sigma utilizes sophisticated statistical process control techniques to continuously monitor and evaluate the source of defective products, thereby minimizing the defects produced in any stage of the manufacturing process.

Lean Manufacturing is a people-oriented knowledge driven philosophy that focuses on continuously enhancing value by minimizing waste across a defined enterprise. The Lean Manufacturing technique focuses on reducing process cycle-time.

Both Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing helps an organization remove variations in process, reduce waste and increase efficiency and quality. These in turn strengthen the competitive advantage of the company in the industry as a result of total customer satisfaction.

ABC Consultants have experience in the emerging lean area of Value Stream Analysis and waste identification in non-manufacturing areas such as New Product Development.

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