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A recent survey per BSI, issued 70,000 ISO 9100/AS9100 certifications showed that 96% of the certified companies perceived the value-added quality system; 92% thought it was absolutely necessary to remain competitive; 88% thought that it will save money in the long run; and 99% said that it cannot be implemented without management commitment. In 1992, only 350 US firms were certified but as of December 2011 over 1,111,698 companies are certified. The international Organizations of Standardization (ISO) has replaced almost all standards and developed more than 11,000 International Standards covering almost all technical fields. ISO is the only Quality Assurance Program that replaced most of the MIL-STDs used in DOD industries.

The following are most common benefits of getting ISO certifications:

Everybody share goals and company vision.
Build Culture of Continuous Improvements(CI).
Improve Internal Communications.
Increase Customer Satisfaction /Leadership/ Customer Focus.
Legal/Contractual Requirements and Must Requirement for export and supplier for Automotive Industries.
Reduce Cycle Time & Waste and Eliminates Errors & Rework.
Standard is Users Friendly and Also Applicable To All Schools, Hotel Industries, Airports, Health Care and Social Service Sectors.
Helps to produce results (performance & financial) With effective implementation of the program.
Helps to develop mutually beneficial supplier and Customer relationships.
Powerful, Excellent Business & Marketing tool.